What is this site ?

You can use this site to place entries in any of the shows that use our Showday software (about 70 shows). Entries are usually open for a limited time period and outside of this time the entries part of the show will not be active.

What else is there on this site ?

Most shows also post their results to this site. If you miss the results in the newspaper you can always check them out here.
Some shows also have an on-line photo gallery of shots taken on the day.

How do I pay for my entries ?

Some shows allow on-line credit card payment for entries. For others you will receive an email shortly after completing your entries. The email contains all of the details of your entries and a remittance advice to mail to the organiser with your payment. Some shows insist on credit card payment, while with others you can elect to pay off-line if you don't want to enter your credit card number.

How do I try it out ?

We have set up a demo show where you can make as many entries as you like just to see how it all works. All classes in the demo show have zero entry fees and you will not be asked for any money or for any credit card details. You will receive an email confirmation of your 'entries' shortly after you complete them. Your email address will not be kept nor will it be supplied to anyone. To have a go, just click here :